Fórum Fantástico

Programa do Fórum Fantástico 2006 by Rogério Ribeiro
Novembro 7, 2006, 12:23 am
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Revela-se agora o programa para o Fórum Fantástico 2006.

Esperamos que encontrem no que está programado suficientes motivos de interesse para que decidam seguir este evento na nossa companhia.
Esperamos por vós.

Quinta-feira, 16/11/06

Biblioteca Municipal Orlando Ribeiro – Telheiras

14:00 – “«What is a name? A lot, that’s what.» A Importância dos nomes para Ursula Le Guin” por Ricardo Prata.
14:30 – Palestra pelo autor Rhys Hughes.
15:00 – “À Volta de Borges” por João Ventura.
15:30 – Pausa.
16:00 – Lançamento de “O Pássaro Pintado” de Jerzy Kosinski.
16:30 – “Borges: Imortalidade e Memória” por Alexandra Martins.

Sexta-feira, 17/11/06

Biblioteca Municipal Orlando Ribeiro – Telheiras
11:00 – Painel “Ainda existe a FC? E o que é?” com João Seixas (moderador), Jorge Rosa, Neil Hook, João Barreiros e Christopher Priest.
12:30 – Intervalo.
14:00 – “Cyberpunk unplugged:The Difference Engine de William Gibson e Bruce Sterling” por Cláudia Pinto.
14:30 – “Science Fiction as a Wild Goose Chase” por Neil Hook.
15:00 – “Universo Taikodom” por Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro.
15:30 – Pausa.
16:00 – “Taikodom: O Jogo” por Tarquinio Teles.
16:30 – Apresentação pelo autor León Arsenal.
17:00 – Lançamento de “O Dilema de Shakespeare” de Harry Turtledove, com Jorge Candeias.

Sábado, 18/11/06

Auditório IPJ – Parque das Nações

10:30 – Lançamento “Disney no Céu entre os Dumbos” com João Barreiros.
11:00 – Lançamento “Rihla” com Juan Miguel Aguilera.
11:30 – Painel “Ficção Ibérica” com Luís Filipe Silva (moderador), Juan Miguel Aguilera, Rodolfo Martinez e Léon Arsenal.
13:00 – Intervalo.
14:00 – Apresentação “Goor: A Crónica de Feaglar” com Pedro Ventura.
14:30 – Apresentação “Terras de Corza” com Madalena Santos.
15:00 – Lançamento “A Sabedoria dos Mortos” com Rodolfo Martinez.
15:30 – Pausa.
16:00 – “Histórias Alternativas Lusófonas” por Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro.
16:30 – Lançamento “Antologia: A Sombra Sobre Lisboa”.
17:00 – Lançamento “O Prestígio” com Christopher Priest.
17:30 – Pausa.
18:00 – Apresentação “A Viagem da Virgem” com Pepedelrey.
18:30 – Apresentação “Shiki” com João Lemos.

Domingo, 19/11/06

Loja RunaDrake – Avenida de Roma
Travessa Henrique Cardoso 71B

10:00-20:00 Demonstrações e actividades de RPG – Role Playing Games, boardgames e cardgames.


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hello everybody
is here someone who smoke cigars ?
thank you

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To begin with, that I am not a problem-one on my set of problems, which developed as a result of depression and I can never escape from it, precisely vybirayus for a couple of days and then she returns …
… laugh, I have a child, almost two old. VERY difficult child, from birth has gipervozbudimostyu (most likely because of the small generic trauma, neurology). I love VERY her baby, and fanatically madly, BUT … since she was born, my life has become a nightmare. My life, full of freedom, has ended. Maybe I was not ready for this, I do not represent that of a child may be difficult NASTOLKO. Typically, children godiku to become more calm, but my daughter all of these 2-year daily from morning until night nerves treplet me – it applies to a day, vizzhit, screaming, crying and zakatyvaet siteriki on any issue and without … I slvshaniya standing and waiting her pony vizgov became hysterical woman probably just nerves or to a feature … I am constantly opdavlennoe mood .. I began to suffer from insomnia, about 3-4 nights straight, but woke with such feeling, and that is not asleep (although we prosypaemsya in 11). Woke with a patient’s head, depressed and with the understanding that a new day of nothing but
yelling and Hysterical not bring my child ……… Even when docha not crying and behaves jail (sometimes), I still suppressed …
In fact that 8 months ago I dispersed with her husband, simple ovystavila him for the door … it was impossible to live together, the permanent zadvigi were inexcusable … but despite all this, I very much miss it, and one very seriously. mom helps, live together now, but still serious …
All the time feel loneliness, I need a man to life, but I can not find anyone yet, as I am emotionally drained and in a form with someone familiar unrealistic … everything seemed to me a monster …
this move as a black stripe??

P.S. Please administrator forumfantastico.wordpress.com. If the thread is not to be in category this, I ask you to move my thread to the correct category.

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What is the Dejа vu? What is this fleeting imprinted in the memory?

P.S. Please administrator forumfantastico.wordpress.com. If the thread is not to be in category этот, I ask you to move my thread to the correct category.

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So dear readers forum! What in your view should be present man? What qualities have? What should be able to do?
Interested in your opinion?

P.S. Please administrator forumfantastico.wordpress.com. If the thread is not to be in category this, I ask you to move my thread to the correct category.

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